9 Tips To Improve Your Air Cooler’S Performance

9 Tips To Improve Your Air Cooler’S Performance Apr 17 2023 Gadgets Now Bureau

Ensure Proper Ventilation Proper Ventilation Pushes The Humidity Out Of The Room And Makes The Airflow Consistent Leading To An Effective Cooling. Source: Gadgets Now

Regular Maintenance You Can Ensure The Efficient Performance And Good Condition By Its Regular Maintenance. Source: Gadgets Now

Ensure Enough Water Levels Your Air Cooler Will Work At Its Best If Water Is Kept At An Adequate Level. Source: Gadgets Now

Soak Cool Pads Into Water Before Use It Is Advised To Let Cool Pads Soak In Water Before Use As It Lowers The Temperature Of The Air Being Taken In And Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Air Cooler. Source: Gadgets Now

Use The Air Cooler With Humidity Control While Ventilation Is Sufficient To Reduce Humidity You May Also Look For An Air Cooler With Built-In Humidity Control To Maintain The Required Temperature. Source: Gadgets Now

Add Ice To Maximise Cooling The Cooling Pads Get Colder And Further Lower The Temperature Of The Airflow When You Add Ice To The Chamber. Source: Gadgets Now

Try To Place Your Air Cooler Near Window Place Your Air Cooler Close To A Window So That It Receives Enough Fresh Air And Can Push The Cool Air Far Corners Of The Room. Source: Gadgets Now

Explore Air Cooler Settings Majority Of Air Coolers Come With Several Fan And Speed Settings. Instead Of Using The Same Settings Every Day Experiment With Them To Find Out Which Ones Are Most Effective For You. Source: Gadgets Now